A few weeks ago our family celebrated the 50th anniversary of my mom and dad’s nuptials. It was more than a blessing seeing everything fall into place for them. My sister did a great job in planning and getting everything on point. She is the reason all went as well as it did. My role was when my sister called I answered and obeyed 🙂

Family we haven’t seen in years converged on Cleveland to witness the event. We even had a few participants from the original wedding party in attendance. Watching all the family and friends reminisce and catch up was priceless.


This wasn’t the first time my parents renewed their vows. They did so on their 25th Anniversary. As a teenager I didn’t realize the milestone it was to reach 25 years. Now being married, and now separated, I see the weight of their accomplishment then and especially now.


I was honored to be the best man. I can’t remember if that is what I did 25 years ago, but this year I gave the toast and the emotion I felt was a bit overwhelming I must say. To see my parents and look back at all of those that came to celebrate along with all the well wishes from those not in attendance as well as from the White House…well like I said it was a bit overwhelming.


It’s been sometime since the celebration but people, and others, are still talking about the festivities. St. Vladimirs Grand Hall’s staff was a big part of making the evening special and Colozzas Bakery really delivered with the wedding cake.


All in all it was a wonderful night to remember.

Continued blessings mom and dad….continued blessings

until then…

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