Tonight, at the Kingdom’s mid-week service one of our Elders spoke on Gods promises. Bottom line of the message was “God is not lack of His promises and if there is something promised to you, He is not a liar, it is coming to you.” The word of God has many promises to every believer, but every believer has his or her individual promise. Whether it is by the prophetic word spoken or from the Word, or even by His promises to you in your personal prayer time….His promises are true. The Elder at the end of service had us write one of our promises down so that we can remember to thank God for it and to keep it before us to continue to have the expectancy of it’s arrival.

When my wife and I married she had already had a child from a previous marriage. Our daughter was five at the time
and even at that age she was very self sufficient and I never really got the chance to  see, in depth, her growth process from a newborn. I knew her from birth, but I wasn’t involved from birth. I thought that was a good thing. I didn’t want to change diapers, hear the crying and all that…whew that was cool!….so I thought.

A decade or so later it’s still just the three of us. Not that we hadn’t tried, but it remaines the three of us. I was becoming cool with that because hey, I’m getting a little older and the body ain’t what it used to be :). But about three months ago things changed. I didn’t look for it or even expect what was to come but my life and what I thought was life changed. My god baby “J” was put into my arms at two days old. I never held a baby so young. So tiny, so…new. It felt good, it felt right…it felt…wait…I can’t be feeling this way, this is not my child! That is how I left hospital thinking. You may be wondering who what and where. Well it’s a long story, but the bottom line is situations, and I’m sure some of you have experienced this at one time or another, present themselves that allow you to be a part of them and at that point you chose to or not to. So for the next few days it was like I was fighting that thought of baby J in my life. Brutal! Soon I had the opportunity to see him again and hold him…this time, at less than a month, he looked at me gave me a stern look in the eye and then he gave me the  biggest smile. That was it. I was hooked, I didn’t know what the future was going to hold, but at that moment he had me hook line and sinker.

It turns out the the mother wanted us to be  to be the god parents…and of course we accepted. She has allowed us to be very active in baby J’s life, which has allowed me to have quality time with the miracle munchkin. I change the diapers, make the bottles, feed, dress and rock, or in his case, walk to sleep. I’m overwhelmed with feelings I didn’t know were there. When he looked me in the eyes and smiled, something in me was unlocked and I think it’s wonderful.

So what does the foreseeable future hold? Hopefully good things. I do know my place in his life…I am his god dad. But he will forever be my son.

When God promises, he delivers…we just have to know where to look.

until then…

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