Sunday afternoon begins the countdown to when I pick up Joseph for the weekend again. A few days out of the week aren’t much so I try to make the most of the time I have. Outside of working, when he is with me he has my full attention. But this weekend wasn’t the same.

I don’t know if it was from working in the rain last week or what but I didnt feel well and was very….well just out of it. I would play with Joseph and after awhile I was spent. As soon as I sat down, I’m fighting drifting off to sleep, only to some success. All the while he is asking me “you want to play with me daddy?” Hardly does he have to ask that question.

So that being said we did play as much as we could and today while getting him ready I looked at him and asked for a hug. He gave me one and when I kissed his head I told him daddy didn’t feel good and sorry we didn’t get to do much. As we were still holding each other Joseph held me really tight and said “its ok daddy, I’m giving you my good feelings now….you feel it?”

Yes. Yes I did get emotional, and told him, “yes baby, yes I do.

My body may feel the same, but my spirit?….. Refreshed!

This is one of the many gifts I’ve received from Joseph and Briana. My children, my gifts.

until then…

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