The complex where I work has two animal issues

  1. CATS

We have an abundance of cats because there is a resident that feeds them and they come from everywhere knowing food is available at anytime during the day. The raccoons mostly come out at night scouring the grounds and trash cans for any left over goodies. The difficult part for the residents is that waste cans are positioned at every entrance. The cats get into the trash sometimes and it’s easy to scare them away, but not that simple for most of the raccoons and that has cause them to become a nuisance.

The baby raccoons are very simple to distract all you have  to do is make some noise with keys and they run off, but the more mature ones, the gangstas, won’t give in that easliy. I must say they have punked me out on more than one occasion. For example: I’ve made noise with my keys and I swear one of them laughed at me. I’ve shined my flashlight in one of their faces and it winked back at me as to say “now what”. I even flexed on one and it stood up and flexed back! If I’m not mistaken it drew a line with it’s feet daring me to cross it. We even had a raccoon that would not let a resident come down the steps because of food it had found, the other security officer maced it but it shook it off like water and still wouldn’t stop “protecting” the food it found in the trash.

I would love to hit these raccoons right between their beady eyes with a bullett straight from my firearm, but that would get me in trouble with local authorities for discharging my weapon.

So what am I to do? I’m not going to continually be punked out by these frisky little animals.

I talked to an Orkin employee that lives in one of the buildings and traps raccoons on a daily basis. I’m hoping the complex can get a contract with them, but who knows. I asked him about BB Guns and he told me that doesn’t phase them, it may sting for a moment but once they realize their ok they continue on with their business. The weapon of choice would be a .22 rifle and with the Forth of July approaching maybe fireworks won’t be the only snap, crackle and popping being heard *wink, wink*

Disclaimer: For the animal lovers out there, don’t get to disturbed. No raccoons were harmed during the writing of the post and hopefully the complex with find a humane way to handle this issue.
But if not…

until then…

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