First I would like to wish all dads a Happy Father’s Day. My dad, William Carter I say “I love you” and thanks for all your instruction and care you have given me and continue to give. To Apostle G. Allen Dorsey, you have always been there to teach me how to become a strong man in the spirit, for that I thank and love you.

This father’s day is a little different for me.  Most of you know my daughter is not my biological child but you also know I treat her no less than my own. She came into my life when I got married in 1999, she was 5. There was never a question of her being my daughter, I never even use the word “step” in referring to her.  Now I have a god son that I am very involved with. I held him and been apart of his life since he was two days old. He is now 5 months. There are a few boys I mentor that are son like to me I have seen them grow from little boys to knuckle headed teenagers and a god daughter that I have seen grow from a baby to a beautiful young college woman. All of them I love and would do anything for them. All the above mention children are all special to me, but they didn’t come from me.

My wife and I have been married since 1999 and we have tried to have a child of our own. Than has not happened. We even went to a fertility doctor to no avail. We basically had given up having another child and for me this was very painful because it seemed that I would never father a biological child.

They say every man who wants a child, wants a son. Well I can’t confirm that, but yes that is what I wanted all these years. I longed for a child I could call my own and have the last name Carter. But all that wanting had me a little mis focused.

I lost my brother-in-law last week, he was 44. He didn’t have any children. If the saying was true and he wanted to have kids especially a son, he didn’t get that opportunity. That of course put somethings in perspective for me. For whatever reason God allowed it so to have children in my life that I have fathered and that I have been a father figure to. And now He put baby j in my existence and our relationship is a highlight in my life. So where I have had a pitty party, what I was looking for was around me.

So this father’s day, while saddened by the loss of my brother-in-law, I will look at me being a father as I should, regardless of how I became one.

until then…

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