A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. ~Author Unknown

When people ask me how my daughter is doing and we talk about this being her last year in high school, I get an uneasy feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see her grow, mature and take the next step in her life, but her senior year is the year and I knew this was going to be difficult. My thought process is each day closer to graduation is a day closer to her leaving and beginning her journey in womanhood outside of our home. I wasn’t ready for that.

I will never forget the first day of 1st grade. There she stood in her uniform eagerly awaiting the bus while her mother and I were a mess. The bus came and she dashed down the steps. We had to stop her for a hug her and say goodbye have a nice day. The girl was on a mission. She got on the bus and never looked back. Ever since then I dreaded her senior year. I knew once she headed off to college there would be no looking back and the older she became the more difficult it was to image that little girl running to the bus now running out into world.

My daughter and I have had good and bad times. I even apologized for some of the things I did or said that caused unwarranted issues in our relationship. But I wanted to make this year a good one for us both and a year that on holidays when we see her we can laugh when reminiscing on what we had done.

A friend on Facebook sponsored a Father Daughter Dance. I thought this would be a great evening for us so I asked my daughter to the dance and the date was set. We had a great night talking, laughing, eating and enjoying each other’s company. When we danced, I realized this was the very first time I ever danced with my daughter. It was a sad revelation, but I enjoyed the now moment we were given. We got some great pictures provided by Sistah Witta Fro, and even got a Chipotle door prize (my daughters favorite restaurant).

It was a very good night, and I’m glad we were able to go and just kinda hang out. It helps in the letting go process…but I’m still working on that.

until then…

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