Disclaimer: I am not a licensed counselor nor do I play one on TV. The follow opinions are solely from a busy minded man that can’t sleep. This post nor am I responsible for difference of opinion that will surely follow.


Recently I was in a twitter conversation with a couple of my friends regarding relationships. I’m not one to judge or even think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to two people and how they work their togetherness out. But of course I have an opinion and I was sharing mine with them. I don’t remember how it started but the topic was relationships not lasting and I jokingly blamed Disney.

Before you say anything please reread the DISCLAIMER. We good?  … Ok, I’ll move on.

I went on to say how Club Mickey and others (see I don’t discriminate) have put fantasy in the lives of people in regards to the Happily Ever After (HEA). Many of us, as my Pastor says, want the wedding but not the marriage. We want “our” day…the pomp and circumstance of it all, but when it comes to the working brick and mortar of the marriage…we don’t want to put in the time or effort.  Now does that account for every relationship that moves into marriage? No. But sometimes it seems that way more than not…understanding that each individual case is different of course.

There is, I’m just finding out, a misleading regarding the national divorce rate. We often quote 50%, but I was happy to see it was somewhat lower than expected. Check out sites one and two to view their take on current rates and trends. But for this conversation we are dealing with the premise of HEA, and any divorce rate is too high in HEA land.

I don’t want to get into the whole kitten kaboodle of our very candid discussion nor do I want to write more than I need to and have you think I’m giving advice on relationships. Trust me I have my own issues and attempt to work them out daily…sometimes, ya know on occasion…ok let’s move on before I incriminate myself.

Side Note: Don’t tell my wife about this post, next thing  I know the comment section below will be filling up with said “issues” …  Ok? …. You guys rock!

So the reason I’m up late posting is, I want you to see this video (sorry for poor quality) of Anita Baker singing one of my favorite songs “Fairy Tales”. When this album came out I was in college and didn’t really care about what she was saying because her band was jammin! (don’t. say. it.) It wasn’t until later in life I understood the meaning of the lyrics and even lived it to a great degree.

We all would like things to be perfect or just right all the time, even almost half of the time,  but to reprise Anita Baker’s own words,

“My story ends as stories do, reality steps into view, no longer living life in Paradise or Fairy Tales”



Has your relationship hit reality?

until then…

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