Back in 2010-11 I was on a meal plan and workout routine which had me in pretty good shape. I was down to 185lbs and about 19% body fat. I was feeling pretty good health wise and the doctor confirmed the results of my life choices.


Life soon changed and so did my choices. I can’t tell you exactly how but I know a job change was one that threw a monkey wrench into my workout schedule and then with whatever else was going on my meal plan started to fade away. Working 12 hour shifts at the time had me snacking and eating fast food at weird times of the night and day. My 185lb ideal weight over time grew back to about 205lbs.

Fast-forward a couple years and a decision I pondered for years was about to come to pass. I was going to go through the process of donating one of my kidneys to my cousin. To do so I had to pass a number of test and physicals.

Our blood and tissue test were a perfect match, which took the percentage of my cousin rejecting my kidney down considerably. That left us both pretty excited and awaiting the next step

Unfortunately the next step stopped the process.

The doctors deemed me unfit for the surgery because I was “pre” diabetic and had an elevated heart rate. I understood the heart rate because at the time I was on Adderall for ADHD, but “pre” diabetic?!?! This took the wind out of my sails when only a year before all my levels was fine. So not only was there disappointment with not being able to help my cousin, but I now had to take daily medication for diabetes and hypertension.

Fast-forward another year. My daughter had us look at a documentary called “Forks Over Knives.” I had to admit I went to sleep during the show and only received tidbits from it. Oddly enough sometime after that while at a customer’s home, we began talking and health and fitness was a topic. It turned out that this gentleman went to the doctor who was featured in “Fork Over Knives”. He had a massive heart attack and was given 90 days to live. That was back in 2004. He changed his diet to the recommended plant based formula and has been healthy with no artery blockage or other major illnesses.

Meeting that gentleman made me take another look at “Fork over Knives…and this time I didn’t fall asleep. He was actual proof of something working. I was amazed at the stories he was telling me about on his journey back to good health. For me that did it…I had decided I needed to make a change for the better with my health. Plus deep down inside I still wanted to still go ahead with the kidney donation.

I didn’t dive all the way in but I have changed my diet considerably. The plant-based diet had a main no-no of not eating anything with a mother or a face…So no meat of any kind or dairy products. There are other restrictions, but for me that was 90 % or more of my diet. My version for now has been fish and chicken, baked or grilled, not fried and I will soon be adding black beans to the diet to cut down the intake of fish and chicken. I’ve added portabella mushrooms as a meat substitute. Salads for lunch and dinner as the major meal (not as a side), dried and fresh fruits are my snacks and of course plenty of water. Every so often I allow myself a cheat day or two, but now that is my meal plan.


I have to say my body feels so much better since I’m not eating like before. It helps that for the few weeks I have done this I’ve lost about 8lbs. Now if I can get my butt in a gym I will be on my way back to my 185lb ideal weight. I believe with the change in my diet and weight loss I will be able to pour my diabetic and hypertension medicine down the kitchen sink and hopefully be able to continue the process for the kidney donation.

What are your thoughts about a lifestyle change with your diet? Have you ever seen “Forks Over Knives?” I would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment.

until then…

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