For so many years as a youngling, I made fun of security guards. Rent-a-Cops we used to call them or better yet flashlight cops. My views difiently helped with the sterotypes in the movies. Sometime they were killed before the black actors or were the Paul Blart Mall Cop type of guard.

You see the guards at any store, in apartment complexes or in a therater near you. They are everywhere and come in many shapes and sizes.

When I look at them I put them in one of these different categories.

Ex Military/Police  – Years of training and service in law enforcement. You will find this group in higher level of security or private investigation.

Police Want To Be – For one reason or another their dream of the academy never became a reality, but on their job they act and think they are actually cops.


Gadget Guard – They love the gear more than the job itself. Their belt would be full of items and cars lit with strobe lights

As fate would have it, I have entered the security fold and like all karma I have been treated with the same lack of respect I gave other “rent-a-cops” in my short teure. But it’s cool. I do work with some wonderful people and they make up for the mini me’s out there.

So the next time your friendly neighborhood security officer ask you for ID or needs to check something out…cut them some slack. Hey! Give them a hug!….Well maybe not that, pepper spay stings like the dickens!

until then…

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