Well the new year has brought bed time for me. Since new years day, I have been in the bed with the sore throat, stuffy-runny nose and the rest of the bit. What a way to bring in the new year… :o( I am confident that this is not the way of the year for me. Speaking of the new year, this is the time where we all in one way or the the other make our resolutions. Or at least think of something that we will do or not do in the new months to come. I usually don’t give resolutions, but I guess there is a time for everything. At least with this blog, I can remind myself or what I “resolved”….so here it goes…drum roll please!…….OK, can’t do it. Sorry. There is a saying “to thy own self be true”…I can’t promise to take the trash out on time let alone promise something like weight loss by 20 pounds or becoming a better fiscal manager or God forbid a over all better person in the year of 2007. OK you got my “resolutions”, but bottom line is that if I work at being a better person over all, I believe all the other things will fall into place.


I was speaking to someone today and the said, “you know every time you get sick you body breaks down…that’s not good” What was said is true. Since I had pneumonia when I was a wee child, I have had difficulty shaking colds. 24 hour flu’s would turn out to be 72 hour flu…you get the point. Of course when I was a stapling young man, my body did bounce back, but now being over 35 the bounce takes soooo much longer. I find that the invincibility of youth has left the meal with out paying the bill. So it up to me to get more exercise along with proper eating and intake of vitamins. I never would have thought of the day were getting out of bed would be a task within itself :o) One of the promised of God in my belief is 120 years of life. I don’t know if I want to live that long, but I do want to live long enough to fulfill my purpose in life. In order to reach the maximum of those years I must take care of myself. Big task I must say…being lazy in so many areas, it is easy to do the easy things than what matters most. Here’s to the new year.

Until Then…

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