The last two weeks for our Yellow Book office has been hectic. Out of the 21 new trainees, 14 of us were stationed in Cleveland. We ended training with two weeks left on the new Cleveland campaign. We were basically thrown against the wall to see if it would stick. I must say we did pretty well. I was able to get two sales and my peers were hitting as well. Wendy was the “go getter” and landed five sales. We sold at least 16 ad packages between us. That was a powerful statement, seeing how the canvas campaign was at its end and some people were saying nothing was left.

We now have our county book kick-off on Monday. On Tuesday it’s back to the streets hitting those doors and finding the decisions makers.

Congrats to us all for a job well done!

p.s….can anybody give us an update on Chicago, and the rest of the Midwest?

Until then…

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