2007 was a great year for me as a Cleveland sports fan. I attended Cleveland State University, but we didn’t have a football team…but I must say I am a Ohio State fan (since childhood) sooo, this year was great for me in that area also.

Speaking of the OSU Buckeyes…in January of this year, OSU football went undefeated though the regular season (beating that team up north again!!!), ranked #1 all year until the BCS Championship Game…which they fell (and hard) 41-14 to the University of Florida. But it was a fun ride…Mind you, the will be playing for the National Title again in January against LSU. Lets hope for a different result. Later that March the OSU basketball team (ranked #1) made it to the Final Four and the NCAA Championship Game against (never in a million years) the University of Florida :o( Well they lost to them again but this time in basketball. But hey it was a fun ride.

Our beloved Cavs shocked the world this year and beat Detroit in the Eastern Conference Finals to make it to the NBA Finals. The Cavs were down 2 – 0 and won four strait to win our first ever Easter Conference Final Championship. Our first trip to the finals landed a meeting with the San Antonio Spurs, who sweep us in four games and the dream season was over. But hey it was a fun ride.

This summer was a Indian summer to remember, we have a Cy Young pitcher on our staff and we made it all the way to the ALCS via a Central Division Championship and the New York Yankees. Great year for the Indians, until we met the Boston Red Sox. Even though we were up 3 – 1, the Red Sox came back to win the ALCS and they went on to win the World Series. But hey it was a fun ride

Our Beloved Brownies were only 4-12 last year. To date they have won nine games and given us some great moments and a very good home record. Before today’s game they had hopes of getting into the playoffs…well as we speak they now need help and might not make it. But who would have thought that at the beginning of the season, especially after the first game where we got blown out by the Steelers, we would have won this many games. I hope that I will be writing a post on their playoff run, but if not…it was a fun ride.

So all in all, It’s good being a Cleveland sports fan this year. I hope the ride continues for a long time.

until then…

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