Since I began blogging and later joining twitter I have come across many blogs and websites that I try to keep up on a regular basis. I do list some of them on my Blogroll on the side of this website. The list doesn’t scratch the surface of most of the sites I like, but I try to read them for sometime to make sure where they are coming from….a few post does not a blog make. Understanding no one agrees 100%, but you take what is good and discard the bad.

The blogs or websites I have listed below are  worth the time in reading or keeping them on your radar. They range for one’s journey, sports, social/political issues, parenting and marriage. Here they are in no particular order.

Black Sports Online – I followed Robert Littal on twitter because I saw many of my fellow “tweeters” had him on the follow list and I was able to see some of his post. Past the point of his attending THE Ohio State University ( yes… I attended Cleveland State University, I was a honorary student at O State…weekends were legendary…I digress) he writes great post and I often get sports news from his site prior to other outlets. And I find Robert very knowledgeable on all sports, which is a major plus

Aaron Conrad – Life is strange. Aaron and I went to school with each other since elementary school. We were cool friends, but like many after high school we went different ways. Some twenty years later we reconnected after our high school reunion, thing is he couldn’t make it 🙂 Through Facebook we came to find out that our later lives had quite a bit in common. As a fellow follower of Christ his journey has encouraged and inspired me as I walkout my path. It’s a pleasure to call him friend.

The Kingdom – Kingdom International Fellowship Center is the church I attend. We are a Bible believing and teaching ministry that can be categorized as a five-fold ministry. We are not a traditional by the program ministry, we move as the Spirit of God leads us, whether by praise and worship, dance, the arts or spoken word. If you are looking for a change in your life and a closer relationship with Christ, here is where you can find that.

Cleveland Rise -Darryck Collins is a bright young man that has a vision for Cleveland. Our city has not been the same for the last few years and we need people like him holding our elected officials accountable. He is very passionate about our city and I believe we need more people like him. Keep up the good work Darryck.

Mocha Dad & Make It Last Forever – I came across Mocha Dad though looking at Aaron’s blogroll 🙂 I read his blog and was hooked. His post on fatherhood hit common notes with me and the fatherhood round tables he sponsored on his site gave great insight on some of the issues I have experienced as a dad. I also follow him on twitter, and his tweets are worth their weight in gold. Staying in the family, he and his wife started “Make It Last Forever” a site dealing with marriages from the couples point of view. They have a topic and you are able to hear “both” sides of the story. Many of us think we are alone in our highs and lows of marriage.  Take a look at their blog and you will see we all have similar issues….the kicker is how to deal and you may find answers there to.

I’m sure you will enjoy these sites. Keep checking back for more!

until then…

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