If you missed my first two blogs of note, you can find them here and here. These are just a few of the blogs I like to visit on a regular basis. I encourage you to do the same when you get the chance. Like I mentioned before in the first blogs of note, a few post does not a blog make. Understanding no one agrees 100%, but you take what is good and discard the bad.

The blogs or websites I have listed below are  worth the time in reading or keeping them on your radar.  Here they are in no particular order.

InTouch Design – InTouch Design provides creative graphic designs for marketing tools such as logos, ads, business cards, flyers, signs, etc. We also offer photography and DVD photo albums to highlight any event or for keepsake. Oh did I forget to mention this is my business? LoL!! So the next time you need a designer, remember I’m just a shout away. Follow on twitter @intouchdesigns

Ivywriter  –  Ms. Tibbs and I went to high school together and she has blossomed into a incredible woman. She’s a writer, educator and a entrepreneur She’s very opinionated, a cultural critic, black woman, daughter, friend, AKA, and lover of social media. And she’s a good friend. You can find her on twitter @ivywriter

Dad of Divas –  One Dad’s Quest to Regain Control of His Kingdom.  We followed each other on twitter for a while and I received a request to be one of his Dad’s in the Limelight a series he runs on his blog. His blog is full of information and give-a-ways. Plus he’s a great dad! You can find him on twitter @dadofdivas

MomoFali -A social media manager for BlogHer, blogger, special needs mom, homemade wine drinker. Brilliant, funny…oh, and modest too. MomoFali is….well, she just funny. We’ve had great conversation on twitter and reading her blog brings a chuckle and a smile to my face. You can find her on twitter @Momofali

EPayneTheDad – Cision Top 50 Dad Blogger. Author. Relationship Writer. Photographer. EBay Parent Panel. Inspiring Dads (& Moms) to do better for their families & themselves. What more can I say lol! He’s a good man and I’m glad we hooked up on twitter. You can find him @epaynethedad

DaddysDown – He’s a coffee lover, single father raising three kids, recovering drug addict (three years sober), survivor of Paternal Post Natal Depression, dog owner, unapologetically Christian,  IT Guy with Attention Deficit Disorder. Chris has been a help to me answering questions regarding ADHD and how it’s affecting me. He has never turned down a question and I’m thankful for that. He’s a good dude! You can find him on twitter @daddysdown 

until then…

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