If you missed my first blogs of note, you can find it here. These are just a few of the blogs I like to visit on a regular basis. I encourage you to do the same when you get the chance. Like mentioned before in the first blogs of note, a few post does not a blog make. Understanding no one agrees 100%, but you take what is good and discard the bad.

The blogs or websites I have listed below are  worth the time in reading or keeping them on your radar.  Here they are in no particular order.

Dr. Mr. Man – I began following Dr. Mr. Man on twitter before I knew he had a blog. He is an upstanding family man who doesn’t profess to be perfect, but he’s working to be the best he can for him and his family. His posts on faith, fatherhood and everyday living are quite inspiring….and funny!

Me Things – I have known Josh Elek for a long time. I have watched him grow up , via his mom, to the man he is today. He is a young man with a lot to say, and it deserves to be read. Stop by and tell him I sent you!

World of Weasels – As WeaselMomma puts it she is “One woman raising 5 kids and one husband” With great responsibly comes tons of stories to keep you laughing for hours. You can’t make up life and at the Weasel household, they give us plenty to enjoy. And if reading the blog doesn’t have you stitches, follow her on twitter and I’m sure a smile will come to your face.

Simply Lefty – I like this site because of one reason. They cater to left handers of which I am one. If you’re like me, this site is for you. Oh yeah, did I mention that a video review I did for the Yoropen is on their site? Well not to brag….buuutt 🙂

I’m sure you will enjoy these sites. Keep checking back for more!

until then…

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