Over the last three months, a few of my friends from the past have popped back up in my life. I have been trying to locate some of them for years. I did find my best friend in high school, which was a joy. I wish they could call more, but being an airline pilot is time consuming…but I wish they would call more! :o) I digress.

So I asked somebody the other day, “what is going on?” “why all of a sudden are people finding me and I’m finding people?” For instance, I go to a high school basketball game (not even my old high school) and I see a cop I became friends with in college and at that same game, a friend from my neighborhood that I grew up with from the third grade. A few people have contacted me via internet and internet networking groups and even today (or yesterday) I was just sitting in a coffee shop making calls and up comes a friend from college (I was so embarrassed, I didn’t remember their name)…blew me away. Anyway back to the question I asked…”what is going on?” Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m happy to have gotten back in touch with all of them, it’s just all of a sudden.

I don’t know…maybe one of you has a clue…if you do, let me know :o)

until then…

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