This past Friday the weather warmed up to the fifties and melted a lot of snow. Evening brought a change in temperature about twenty degrees colder. Even though the salt trucks came out, some places weren’t totally covered. Theresa and I were on our way to Kinko’s and hit a patch of black ice. I was able to get semi control at one point, but we soon hit another patch and began a free spin for about a two hundred yards. My fear was the truck flipping over while I was trying to gain control. It is weird thought how everything was happening in slow motion. At the end of the slide we jumped a curb backwards, hit a no parking sign (snapped it in two) and landed a few feet from a tree. My God definitely had a hand in our safety! The owner of the property had just come home and we were discussing what to do about his tree lawn when another car lost control and begin sliding towards our car, which Theresa was still in, at a fast pace. As I ran towards our car, the sliding Cadillac was able to gain control and go the opposite way. Again…God!

You will see the damage to the car. My runner was pushed under the car and is somewhat detached. There are dents and scratches in the rear passenger door, but the truck still runs well, we are ok and even though the tree lawn is messed up…all is well

Until Then…

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