I recently told you about getting back to Stay Fit & Stay Jazzy, the boot camp aerobic fitness center. I was pumping myself up to get back in the swing of things. I even found out that a friend on twitter was embarking on the same path and we said we would encourage each other in the process. She started. I didn’t.

After promises and constant pressure from my cracking knees, lower back pain, stiff shoulders, and other persuasions…I gave in.

My wife and I finally went back this week to get back to living a  healthier lifestyle.

I would like to say as of this writing I’m feeling just peachy, but not so. My Knees, back and shoulders made me feel so bad that I though I could go back in there and pick up where I left off.

What and IDIOT I was!

“Listen to your body” they say… I need to speak to whoever “they” are.

After the second day, I was screaming at my body “is this what you wanted?”, “now you can’t move!”, ” I shouldn’t have to pick up my leg to climb a step!”, “That is what you get!”

Needless to say my body and I made up and oddly enough today I feel really good. After I got over not being able to walk after my last session, I remembered why I need to get back to working out and how good I felt when the weight was off and I didn’t get tired walking up a flight of stairs.

I still don’t like getting up at 5:30 am, but it’s a give and take.

My only one concern is that a medication I’m on has  a side effect of weight loss. Since taking it for about three weeks I have already lost 9 pounds. My weight as of my first weigh in is 193 lbs. My goal weight is 180 lbs. I’m sure when we get to that point my trainer will have to modify my meal plan to maintain a healthy weight.

When I was working out previously I posted weekly updates after my weigh ins on Monday mornings. I will continue that practice to keep you up to date on my thrill of victory and agony of my feet!

until then…

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