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Ode To The TREO!

Ok, so I’m a tech geek…I can’t help it. I love my toys and my Treo 650 is my favorite. Let me say that I did drop a jaw when I saw the introduction of the iPHONE from Apple on last week. The geek in me wants it now, but my loyalty (at this point) is with Palm. Of course it doesn’t hurt that you can only get the iPHONE on the cingular network….I digress. I love the fact I can have a mini pc at my finger tips. Whether I’m checking email and reading attachments, or browsing the web while I’m on the road I find myself never leaving home without it. Before my treo, I had the Palm Pilot along with my cell phone…such a pain, attempting to look up client contacts information from one device and calling on another device…not a beautiful thing! Now I must say that there are some draw backs for me. The email service doesn’t have “push technology” meaning I have to tell my treo to get my mail instead of it coming automatically to the phone. Also the phone has no GPS. With some software upgrades, some of my issues can be addressed, but at a cost. All in all, my treo keeps my life at my finger tips. In another few months or so I would love to upgrade to...

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Tribute to my "Men of Valor"

I designed the above graphic as a reminder to me the words of wisdom of the three most important men in my life. There are so many other men that have imparted wisdom and knowledge, but the three above have had total access in my life. First, my father (middle) his quote of “don’t half do something, do your best at all times.” is his motto. I can’t say I have lived that always, but the older I get them more I attempt to not be lazy and do what is necessary. My dad laid a good foundation for me to become a man and live a good life…the thing is I was to stupid to realize what he was doing as I was growing up. Dad was the “enemy”…but now with a child of my own, I find myself calling him and apologizing for all the hell I put him through. It was unfortunate in my life, that my lack of discipline with my father caused trouble and heartache with future male figures. Bishop R. L. Chapman (right) was my pastor as a youth (high school/college). His motto “never let it rest until your good is better, and you better is best.” As a young adult, he constantly ministered to us within that motto. He encouraged all of us to press pass the burn and live life, in...

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Well the new year has brought bed time for me. Since new years day, I have been in the bed with the sore throat, stuffy-runny nose and the rest of the bit. What a way to bring in the new year… :o( I am confident that this is not the way of the year for me. Speaking of the new year, this is the time where we all in one way or the the other make our resolutions. Or at least think of something that we will do or not do in the new months to come. I usually don’t give resolutions, but I guess there is a time for everything. At least with this blog, I can remind myself or what I “resolved”….so here it goes…drum roll please!…….OK, can’t do it. Sorry. There is a saying “to thy own self be true”…I can’t promise to take the trash out on time let alone promise something like weight loss by 20 pounds or becoming a better fiscal manager or God forbid a over all better person in the year of 2007. OK you got my “resolutions”, but bottom line is that if I work at being a better person over all, I believe all the other things will fall into place. Mortality I was speaking to someone today and the said, “you know every time you get sick you...

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What else do you do when your sick?

OK it’s 1am est. I’m wide awake due to the fact I can’t sleep!!!! When I do fall off to sleep my nagging cough keeps me awake. So here I am runny nose and all…..sorry had to blow my nose :o( While I’m here I can show you pictures of my family. This is my wife Theresa, Our daughter Briana, and our dog Rusty! So you have met my family….oh yeah…here’s a picture of me. I guess I’ll give you more info as time goes on. I need to finish setting up this blog and believe it or not, I’m getting sleepy and I want to take advantage of that!!!! Until...

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