I don’t really don’t know where to start. I will try and make this post short, but there is so much to say. The last month or so have had a recurring theme for me. When I was looking for a job recently, a very good friend told me that I under estimated myself in looking. Another longtime friend told me to “lighten up!” I seem to forgive others more and faster than I forgive myself. And today during our services, my pastors expounded on not living in the past and rehearsing what “was” and what people have said, instead of being what God says you are and to be. Now I have to admit this is not the first time hearing any of those words, but it’s something when the words become life. As a child I read a book called “Shane” The family had a tree stump in the yard that they couldn’t get up for nothing, finally near the end after countless failing tries, they did it, they removed the stump. That’s how I felt today…the stump of the past and negative living was finally removed. It’s strange, It’s liberating…It’s God.

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