I had my consultation for medication the other day… But if you allow, let me take a side bar. You do? Thanks!

I have to say Dr. R Seballos and his staff at the Cleveland Clinic are the best I’ve encountered when it comes to the care of a patient. For example, my appointment was scheduled for 3:00pm. I for some reason had it in my brain that the time was 10:30am….don’t ask.  I got up early with Baby J and we got ready, ran a few errands and while we were out I called the Dr’s office to get the address to my destination. The young lady noticed my appointment wasn’t until three. We shared a laugh and in the conversation I mentioned that maybe I could get Baby J to nap so I could do the same. To my surprise she said that if she remembered she would call me at 2:00pm just in case we we fell asleep. Low and behold at 2:09pm she called to make sure we were up…Priceless! When we arrived to the office, you would have thought I was DW Carter, President of a Fortune 500 company. Their hospitality was second to none. Now Baby J, of course, garnered the majority of the attention, but when it was my turn, all was good.  Kudos to Dr. Seballos and his very hospitable staff!

Ok, back to business…

We first had a brief physical followed by the asking of the usual laundry list of questions regarding health and family history and then we sat and talked about the possible steps I could take which were putting me on medication right away or going through a month long trial attempting to find the proper prescription and dosage. The end result was to skip the trail and go jump right into a prescription. Dr. Seballos was very thorough when explaining the side effects and what should and should not happen while on the medication.  I was comfortable with what we had decided and pleased that no one option was forced on me. The facts were laid out and from that I was able to make an informed decision.

So the next day was my first with medication. The most prevalent side effects were dry mouth and insomnia. I have been drinking water and Chap Sticking my lips like Dave Chappelle’s crack head character. The doctor did say the symptoms may for the first few days seem extreme, but it’s an adjustment period and they should subside. I can’t say it’s been extreme, but  needless to say I can’t wait for their submission.

I was so focused on my dry mouth I really didn’t take inventory of my processes throughout the day, but as the days progress we will measure focus, productivity and the like. I still need to began the behavior management process and that will start within the month.

So this is where I stand, but if you allow I have another side bar…you do? Sweeeet!

There are some people that can’t believe I “put all my business” (especially this business) out there like I have been doing. First, I say to them read my post entitled “My Journey”. Secondly, In my Christian faith, I believe in the testimony. Your testimony is one of the factors that helps you overcome in our continuing growth process to be more Christ like. The problem is that with the testimony comes transparency and many people don’t want the transparency so there goes the testimony.

We hear all the time in politics that one vote represents so many constituents. Also that there is never dumb question. If you thinking it, there are others doing the same.  I’m one person, but if my testimony or transparency during this stage helps others…my journey isn’t in vain.

There is nothing new under the sun…it’s just a revelation to those that are unaware. I was able to see what I thought was new because people in my life have shared their transparencies. That gave hope that I could get through whatever stage I find myself. Some I’m still working to finish, but this one thing I know…I’m not alone.

until then…

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