This past weekend I had both my follow ups with my clinical psychologist and internal medicine doctors. It’s been a month since I have began my medication and both needed to know how things were progressing, if at all.

First up was internal medicine. They gave me a quick physical before seeing the doctor and all vitals were good and since the last appointment I have lost ten pounds according to their charts (it’s actually more but different clothing, different weight). I’m not complaining at all, but I have to admit it’s more the medication side effect at this point than working out.

We discussed differences in my focus and ability to stay on task. I was pleasantly surprised with the things I’ve done this past month.  I set goals,  time frames and completed the tasks. It felt good. There was still struggle in quite a few areas, but the improvement was nice.

The biggest difference I noticed, and I told both doctors this, was that my mind was more organized and clear. I likened it to game of 52 Pick Up. My mind was cluttered and in all kinds of disarray, but now I can see cards stacking up suite by suite in the right order.

With that the doctor tweaked my medication and I’m do to see him in another month.

My next doctors visit was regarding behavior changes and mapping out a strategy for dealing with many of the obstacles that may come my way. The biggest for me was how do I deal with all the carnage I left behind all these years. That was a long talk and I’m to sleepy to type it all, but it will come up in future posts.

My nugget for the day was when we talked about handling upsets and know how they occur (at this point we were talking about my relationships). The three main upsets are

  1. Unfulfilled Expectations
  2. Undelivered Communication
  3. Thwarted Intentions

My homework was to focus and acknowledge in my relationships these upsets as I walk in them. If there is an expectation it should be clear and I should follow though on what is needed. Communication of course is key and basically I should open my mouth to sometimes say no or whatever needs discussed, so things don’t come and bit me in the butt, and both parties need to recognize that even good intentions can get derailed and it’s no ones fault, it just is what it is.

I know this may sound simple to some of you, but it hasn’t been for me.

In a nutshell that was my follow up.

I mentioned earlier that one of my biggest task was how to handle the mess that was left behind. I also believe in my video I said it may be to late for somethings but I was going to have to deal with the consequences even as I better myself in this process…I had my first casualty today. It wasn’t unexpected, but you still can never prepare yourself when the chips begin to fall.

All in all tomorrow is another 24 hours to make my life and those around me better, and that’s my main focus.

until then…

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