If you have browsed my blog, you have seen my post on my life possibly with ADD I told you I would keep you informed and I do have an update for you.

I had my evaluation the other day. It was comprised of a two part interview, one written and the other in person. The written evaluation had two questionnaires to be filled out by me and someone close, so my wife did the honors. It was mostly a scale rating system on how good or bad an issue was in my life. If you have ever applied for Progressive Insurance Company, the questionnaire was like theirs where you answer the same question more than one time, but  its just worded differently. I didn’t see how my wife rated me nor did she see my answers.

Part two was an office visit with the doctor that will be handling my evaluation. He first went over our written reports and found that my wife and I were very consistent with our answers. We then had a hour and a half interview discussing the answers and going over what seemed to be my life history. It was very thorough and I couldn’t believe the patterns that I had been participating in all my life. It was revealing and it was somewhat hurtful seeing the collateral damage left in the mix.

So now I wait until my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks to get the final diagnosis and recommendations on how to move forward and proceed if necessary. We do know at this point that I’m a strong candidate and the expected outcome will most likely be positive for attention deficit disorder.

All in all I have mixed emotions at this stage of the process. I can’t really express what I feel until the “official” word is given on what is to come. There is anxiety along with heartbeats of hope.

My birthday is coming up soon. This may not only be a added year of life…but a new improved one.

Until then…

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