It was a normal summer morning in Cleveland…hot! Sunday morning service at Kingdom International Fellowship Center was in full swing.  The choir just finished ministering in song and the people of God were in high praise!  Our shepherd, Apostle G. A. Dorsey, stepped to the pulpit and walked up to the acrylic podium, placing his Bibles and notes in the proper order in preparation to deliver the word of the Lord to the congregation. He began to exhort the people before moving into the main part of his message. It was in those few minutes and one sentence that gave me a peace, an epiphany you might say, to my inner man.

He said “I have learned to accept the things God allows.”

I could hear the people responding to his statement and I think I did as well, but I went to another place. My mind started to put the pieces of a puzzle together.

Often times we question the things that happen to us or our loved ones. We question why God lets those things transpire as they do. We hear common responses like “only God knows” or “It’s in His will” and “It’s the steps He has orded for you.” None of those really help because we want an answer with the reasons why.

Honestly, not getting straight answers makes me upset with God, and if I’m not careful and keep myself in check, I also get upset with His servants. They as leaders should know how to get an answer from God right!?

I then remember I’m a leader as well. *sigh*

I also remember that even without title or leadership, as a believer I  have my own relationship with God and I know how to pray.

Soooo I check my anger at the door and move on. But deep down, I still question and try to figure out the why.

When Jesus was at the Garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion he prayed to his Father and asked “If it’s possible, let this cup pass away from me.” He knew all the pain and suffering God was about to allow in his life. He completed the prayer by saying “nevertheless, not what I will (or desire) but as you will (or desire) Matt 26:39. You have to take note that Jesus did this three times. He struggled with coming to grips with his future and purpose like many of us do today. But more than that, he was learning to and did accept what his father was going to allow. And the rest of that story ends in our favor because of Christ acceptance, we now can be redeemed and have everlasting life Jn 3:16.

As my pastor spoke those words, I began to realize life would be much simpler if I accepted what God Allowed. We have the right to choose what we do in our lives. Yet we sometimes don’t always realize every choice has an ending effect or consequence.

For example, if I go get a credit card and max it out, I’m the one now burdened with debt five times the amount I spent. I had a choice and God allowed it because He gave me the option to do or not to do.  He even had an escape plan that would have not placed that burdon on me if I had adhered to it 1Co 10:13.

Can’t be mad at something He accepts but didn’t do, especially if there was a way out.

Then there are the instances that are out of our control. These instances, like accidents, where other people’s actions disturb our lives are more difficult to deal with but we must remember God is no respecter of persons. He still allows their choices…even if it affects us. Again, these types of situations are harder to accept, but as believers this is also where our faith must kick in and continue to recognize that He is no respecter of persons and every choice has it’s ending effect or consequences. So right will prevail.

I may not understand the resons why all the time, but accepting what God allows increases my faith and in the long run helps me live a life of  not what I will but as He wills.

I can’t remember most of my pastors main message that Sunday service, but what was meant for me I received.

And God allowed it.





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