Sometime last year I created a post regarding Internet Social Networks, I think I called it “Staying Connected”. Well with the magic of Facebook, my college roommate found me!! Jay Houston was the first ever person I roomed with, college or other wise :o) We lost contact many years ago and I have been looking for him ever since. One day I open up Facebook and there he is waiting for a reply to a friend request. I was so excited I called my wife while she was out of town to share the news!

Since then we have communicated back and forth. His birthday was the 27th of December and because he was turning 40 he had a blowout party. Many years went by from the last we saw each other so I decided to surprise him and show up for his birthday (not to much of a surprise…I had to call him the day before so I could get on the invite list). My wife gave me the trip as a Christmas present and we both drove over to Washington DC to pay Jay a visit. Bottom line is I had a great time! And as a bonus I met up with a high school buddy of mine as well! Reggie and I used to terrorize band together!…aaahh good memories. :o)

Here are some pictures from the trip…enjoy

until then…

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