Today is a lot different from yesterday when it comes to a lot of things weather social, economic, race and even religion. This note is on the latter mentioned. I grew up in the church. I was brought up in a Christian household under a Pentecostal teaching. We were “Holy Rollers” as some people call us. We danced, sang and spoke in other tongues. That is all I knew. And at a young age I was “saved” or I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior at an early age of 9 or 10. My faith to this day has developed under that teaching and continues to grow in the five-fold teachings. Now I wasn’t perfect during my life of being saved. Actually I remember going back to the alter crying that next Sunday, because I took a Twinkie without permission and I though I was going to Hell. The church and my pastor chuckled and explained to me that we won’t be perfect, we will make mistakes, but with sincere heart God will forgive us. But the key was learning from the mistake and not make it again. Wow was I ever relieved! Years went by and the dreaded teenage years had come. There was nothing holy about those years. Rebellion out the butt was my middle name, but I wasn’t a troubled kid. I knew what was right and what was wrong…I just chose wrong and tried to play like I was a good kid come Sunday. As an adult my faith and my lifestyle of living my faith increased. Still with issues, I continued to press on…and it isn’t easy. This brings me to today. Growing up I saw a lot of issues in the church, some of which I was a part of. I’ve seen the church be more damming than the world. I seen people’s lives crushed because they put their trust in men and women who have shown themselves not hold the moral value of Gods word. That has happened so much that the credibly of the church (regardless of religion) has fallen lower than an ants belly. We see it on the news where preachers have unholy relationships with both men and women of their flock. Preachers, especially in the black church, are looked at as gold diggers and pimps rather than men of God. Some of you won’t even step into a church because of what was done to you and what you saw. And those people were doing this all in the name of religion.

Back in the day, we dared not talk about the church or its leaders…now; we cuss them and won’t care. Again, all in the name of religion. Before I go on, just let me say I don’t believe in “religion” per say. I am a born again believer of Jesus Christ. He was no where near religious, he was an enemy of religion, yet when ascended he did leave his apostles to carry on his work with structure, which became the church…even thought that church has spilt into hundreds of hundreds of denominations.

So I guess you all are wondering “what the ham fat are you talking about”. As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My heart has become very heavy in reading and seeing some people views, thoughts or concerns regarding religion or church. And as a minister of reconciliation (which all of His believers are) I want to apologize and say I’m sorry on behalf of the body of Christ for what the church or people in the name of God did to you.

I’m sorry for the ignorant preach who wanted nothing but your money, or the preacher, who had a 1st lady, 2nd and third lady and sometimes a boyfriend. I’m sorry for those who stole from you, not only money, but your God given gifting and abilities. They used you and when you had nothing else to give they threw you away. I’m sorry for that member or usher that was nastier then the Devil himself. I’m sorry for the people that pronounce judgment on you for your outer issues, instead of loving you out of your issues, especially when they had many more hidden issues. I’m sorry that your expectations were let down when you found that a lot of the holy people you saw on Sunday morning lived like hell Monday thru Saturday. I’m sorry pastors and teachers were not well taught themselves and you didn’t get the full understand of the word of God. I’m sorry your leaders weren’t transparent, meaning they helped you along as they spoke on their past and short comings to prove that even with that, you can live holy. I’m sorry that people have used the Bible to set their own agenda. I’m sorry that you had to encounter more leaders that corrected and rebuked you instead of loving you out of the heart of Christ.

Now let me say this. I believe firmly in the sixty-six books. There are specific issues God says He doesn’t like or actions He condones….Bottom line. But to bombard you with aggression on what is right rather than love the issues away was not the best course of action. I’m sorry to the women who thought they were marring saved, trustworthy men who turned out just the opposite. I’m sorry for the men who married women thinking the wed a holy women to find out that is not the case. I’m sorry for anyone who you have trusted, that lied to you or hurt you out of their unresolved issues.

Some of you feel that believing in God is good enough and you don’t need church. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I submit to you that you do need church…the right church. That is for you to find, but as believers we need to be shepherded, we need to be taught, corrected, exhorted and groomed to fulfill the purpose God has for us. I’m sorry your questions weren’t answered and you were left seeking answers in the wrong places. For whatever you have dealt with in your walk to get closer to Christ Jesus and were mislead…I am sorry.

And the final apology comes from me, for me. Like I stated earlier, I have issues. We all do, but there are times in our lives our issues cause people we encounter not see the God in us. If I in anyway have done that with any of you…I am sorry. I ask for your forgiveness and hope that it is accepted. I also understand that my apologizing for the mistakes of others may or may not change you views or cause you to rethink that walk to Christ. I just hope it does.

In His Love

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