Back in the summer of 1990 a group of students at Cleveland State University held a 92 day sit-in protest, the longest since the Civil Rights era. I have mentioned that before on my blog and I keep saying I’m going to write about it…give me time I will.  But in the mean time if you want tidbits of what was going on check out this blog to start: Cleveland State University 1990 Student Protest.

That group of students are a very close knit family and I am proud to be apart of the family. Our matriarch Pat “Ma” Washington was honored at her retirement program and students came from near and far to congradulate her on wonderful years of service and being a mom to us during our years at the university.

The program turned two fold…it also became a reunion. Many of the major players in our protest were there and some haven’t seen each other in 20 years.  I am still full as of this writing. It was truly a great and wonderful night to be remembered.

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until then…

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