Recently on Facebook I posted this status:

Life is full of wake up calls. Some stronger than others. I had one of my biggest this weekend. I’ll share soon. #thinkpositive

I posted the status after I had returned from a weekend in the hospital for chest pains.

While I was at work, installing a DirecTV system, out of nowhere came this intense pain in my chest. So much so I dropped my tools, clutched my chest and buckled over in pain. Thankfully I wasn’t on a roof or ladder and not to far from my customer. When I was able I made my way to the basement steps and got her attention to call 911.




The time in between the onset of the pain and getting the attention of my customer seemed like an eternity. I can’t say I wasn’t scared because I was on many levels. When the pain hit, I experienced what may people have in seeing your life flash before your eyes. It wasn’t quite like a feature film but what I saw were flashes of people, events and all the things I cared about. It was then I snapped out of it and spoke with the little breath I had “The Devil is a liar…not like this….not like this” Soon after I was able to make my way to the basement steps.

While in the hospital they had me on a constant EKG and I couldn’t do anything but get tested. Thankfully my stress test was negative and my heart is very healthy. It could have been a number of different other reasons why I had the pain like stress, muscle strain etc…etc. But again, thankfully my heart is healthy.

So that brings me back to my Facebook status. This was a wake up call for me in many ways, because the thought of being cut off forever to the people I love and things I have to do changed my view on how I handle it all. I know I can’t do everything at once but I didn’t like the fact I saw all the things I wanted to do and didn’t for what ever reasons.

I wish my wake up call was a little less painful, but hey…it did the job. Now I have to do mine.

until then…

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