So my daughter went on her first date on the other day.  I have dreamed of this moment for years I had it all planned out. I was going to recreate the scene from Bad Boys II. With less language, but with all the theatrics. I was so ready.

But my dreams didn’t happen like I would hope. First I found out at the last minute, and didn’t have time to prepare. Secondly, It was really anticlimactic…the girl is growing up whether I, her mother or other family members like it or not… OK me. And that can be difficult for us who have seen her as a baby needing protection grow to a free spirit waiting for the change to spread her wings to see how far she can go.All that said and done, her date came, and picked up our daughter. He came to the door, nice move, opened the door to the car for her, another nice move and when I called him up to the steps with the intent to scare the living goo out of him I couldn’t. He came and first shook my and and said “yes sir?” I then said. “you came to the door and opened the car door for my daughter….good start.” “I expect you to be respectful at all times no matter the pressures.” He said “yes sir.” I patted him on the shoulder and  told him to have a good time. When they arrived back home he walked her to the door and stayed for a minute to chat. Nice kid.

There is a time you have to trust what was taught to your children and I suppose this is it. She has a great circle of family, both naturally and spirituality, so she knows what is right. But right now is her time to learn from her own experiences and began to walk a path laid out to her by her Heavenly Father.

At least the young man was very honorable, like I was…..wait a minute, that was my in with the family…..I’m going to have to keep an eye on him! 🙂

until then…

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