Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. –  Melody Beattie


Today marks a brand new 356 for me. I’m so very thankful to God that I am here to celebrate my 47th birthday. If you’re reading this you may know how much birthdays mean to me, if you don’t after reading this post you just might.

In the final five days leading up to my born day I wanted to do some Facebook Live post and list some of the things I’m grateful for. Rather than doing it that way I chose to do something different, and why waste time getting to it!

Below are 47 reasons I’m grateful and thankful today (see what I did there!).

So without further ado….

Darren W. Carter’s 47 Reasons of Gratefulness!!

I’m grateful for…

  1. Life!
  2. My entire family both immediate and extended.
  3. My wife who believed in “US’ enough for a “Do Over”.
  4. Seeing our daughter Briana graduate from Cleveland State University.
  5. Joseph who has brought immeasurable joy in my life.
  6. Our foster child who continues to remind me of the innocence of humanity.
  7. New Life Tabernacle of Praise – My new church home. The place where finally I have begun to heal.
  8. Having both my parents, William and Jean Carter, still with me on earth.
  9. A place of employment where my skills can be utilized and I no longer have to work in the outside elements year round!
  10. Sweaters. 
  11. Prayers from those who pray without me knowing.
  12. Samsung making a Note 8…hopefully
  13. Friends like Deane Elek that has been in my corner from day one no matter the distance between us.
  14. Tres Dias for re-igniting the fire with in my spirit!
  15. City Dads Group – Fathers who show the world how important Dads are.
  16. Christopher A. Sawyer for his transplant and his continued improvement in health and his living his purpose as a pastor.
  17. My sister, Shavonne Johnson, has found happiness.
  18. Martin Johnson who makes my sister happy.
  19. Carter & Olivia Bailey, for making their uncle Darren happy
  20. The Crew: Dexter & Michelle Holmes and Craig & Norylnn Johnson for their friendship that has lasted the test of time.
  21. The Crew 2: Lucrecer Braxton, Dee Daniels, Lydia Harrell, Kimberly Combs, Carey Bradshaw, Christie Glascoe – Social Media brought us together, but friendship keeps us bonded.
  22. Dad 2.0 Community – Dads that Rock!
  23. The World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers ending my towns 52 year pro sports drought.
  24. Those of you taking the time to read this blog post.
  25. My wife’s cooking
  26. My grilling skills.
  27. Though I have some medical issues, at the height of their attacks, my body still came out undamaged.
  28. BACON!
  29. Gifts and Talents those are unique to me.
  30. Experiencing the NBA Finals games 6 & 7 in downtown Cleveland celebration with thousands of fans, but more importantly being there with my daughter Briana.
  31. All the hurts over the last 5 or so years, that I’m no beginning to understand and deal with most of them.
  32. All Geared Up – A Family Bike Event, A vision that became reality.
  33. All my Cleveland State University Family! Life long bonds that were forged and grow stronger day by day.
  34. Being the Best Man at my parents 25th and 50th Wedding Renewal!
  35. Any time I have with my children.
  36. Bishop R. L. Chapman (deceased) and the Jonas Temple Family .
  37. Wanda M. Coleman (deceased) and Eric Johnson, two people who helped me out of my shell in college.
  38. The firearms that have been pointed at me…but didn’t go off.
  39. The two failed suicide attempts.
  40. Did I mention my grilling skills??
  41. The charge to father children that are not biological mine.
  42. Chocolate.
  43. Master Benefits Agency, they were an umbrella of protection when I needed it most.
  44. Unmerited favor I have received over my life time.
  45. Any party I attend hosted by Roy & Carla Wainwright.
  46. God’s Mercy.
  47. God’s Grace.

Of course I continued this list because I have so much to be grateful for, but I wanted to keep it at 47. There is no rhyme or reason or specific order to this list. Just my heart speaking from to what keeps me going.

Have you sat down and thought about what you are grateful for. If you haven’t just do me a favor, take 10 minutes and just start thing of what you’re grateful for. I bet your list will be longer than you think.

Love you all!


until then…

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