I’m excited to write this post. One because this is the first time, I personally challenged myself like this. Sure I’ve set goals and went through the process of meeting them but nothing that really took me out of my personal comfort zone.  Secondly, I saw enough of a difference in a few areas of my life that will cause me to continue my practice.

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.” – Morgan Freeman

We all lead busy lives as it is. This is notwithstanding the addition of children, work, volunteering, ministry and the like. Many of us wish for more hours in a day but really don’t find or make the time for a few minutes to ourselves. No time to regroup and recoup from all that’s going on around us, time (to use a phrase from the movie Bad Boys II) to “woosaa.”

My life has an added challenge with ADHD. Since my diagnosis there was great improvement and life was good. Then my medication stopped working like it once did. Though I’m able to use what I’ve learned with time management, it still is a struggle at times. It’s like upgrading from a 27 inch standard definition tube television to a 50 inch high definition flat screen LED…then having to go back to the standard definition TV. The viewing experience is not the same. Neither is ADHD for me without medication. So I’ve needed to find something outside of medication to help me.

When I told you all of the 30 Day challenge I told you I didn’t want to reveal what my challenge was until it was over. One reason was if it didn’t work, no harm no foul. Also because what I was about to embark on was not as accepted and was taught against in my sect of Christianity. I have found during my challenge that its not as taboo as I believed and found that others saw the process as I am now beginning to…as a form of worship.

My challenge was to begin a practice of meditation. To spend at least 20 minutes twice a day being still, quite and rebooting my brain.

I hope I didn’t lose many of you. But it wouldn’t surprise me if I did or if some would call me sacrilegious or say I have gone New Age.

I have not.

I am not looking for the path to enlightenment nor am I leaving my faith for an Eastern Religion. I’m just looking for a way to manage my life better. And if using this technique may help then that’s what I need to do.

Meditation for me can be summed up like this. Take a snow globe and think of the snow as all the activity in you mind. When it’s shaken you can’t see clearly what’s inside because of the snow going every which way. Once you put the globe down and let the snow settle you have a clear vision of what’s inside. For me meditation “settles” the snow. I don’t attempt to completely clear my mind of thoughts; I find something to focus on so my mind isn’t going a mile a minute and this forces me to slow down and be still.

Being still is a wonderful thing….really it is. I’ve found that with the stillness I have become more refreshed mentally, physically, and it has helped me be in a better position to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. My prayers are active, it is me talking…but meditation helps me listen. Here are a few examples of what I’ve noticed during this challenge: I love my coffee but during this past 30 days I have not craved coffee or felt in my body that I needed it. My 20 minutes in the morning leaves me refreshed and 20 minutes in the evening causes a decent nights sleep. There are many projects I had not completed, but during this period I have been able to complete the projects that have been hung up for months. Some completed because I got the missing pieces during meditation. As for my ADHD, I have seen some improvement, not like with medication, but enough that warrants a continued practice.

If you’re still reading you now may have questions regarding ADHD. Many people don’t believe in this diagnosis. To that I’ll just say, keep coming back to my blog because I will be addressing that issue. You can find past posts discussing ADHD and I invite you to browse and take a look. But I believe there needs to be more education regarding ADHD. Contrary to popular belief, whooping or punishing a child isn’t a cure for ADHD. But again, Ill discuss that in another post.

As with anything this is a work in progress, but there you have it. Meditation was the 30 Day Challenge and a practice I’m planning to keep for the future.

Until then…

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